Foundation Programme

As per Medical Science findings, the brain and intellectual capabilities of a young mind gets fully developed around his early teens.

The Foundation Programme of Rydberg Educational Centre was developed with one goal in mind – to nurture and guide students to reach the pinnacle of success in the academic field, both at national and international level.The endeavor is to enhance the ability to think analytically, putting into practice, the habit of understanding of the “CONCEPT” and then “APPLICATION”.

The basic IDEA is to prepare the students to think logically putting the brains to exercise through the medium of practice. The programmeis structured on ascientific teaching methodology that brings assured success to students in Medical and Engineering Competitive exams, Olympiads, NTSE, NSEJS, KVPY and similar Competitive exams as well as Class X Board exams.

What Rydberg does

The Foundation Programme guides students of class VI–X in relevant topics in great details, keeping their intellectual level in mind. These topics are not only from their Class X Board syllabus but also topics which they will study in greater details in Class XI-XII. Hence, when they are in class XI-XII they feel more familiar with the topics. This gives them more confidence and helps them to methodically prepare for Competitive exams along with their Board preparation. Since the Foundation programme guides the students in a manner that enhances their analytical ability, students can tackle their Class X Board exams in a much better way with most matured answers. Consequently, it helps them to perform very well in the Board exams and get Top Ranks in these exams. In present days, the peer pressure, stiff competition and the expectation of parents create a huge mental pressure on the students. This often results in their lack of interest in studies, which appears to them more of a burden. At Rydberg, the innovative teaching methodology and the digital platform using multi-media devices make the entire process of learning highly interesting and enjoyable to the students. In the process, they develop a liking for the subjects as days go by. Periodic Class Tests, pattern-proof study material and Workshops are the vital components used by our specialist faculty to train the students for these National level Competitive exams like Olympiads, NTSE, NSEJS, JSO etc. Practice Tests, assessment of answer-sheets and performance appraisal are the three critical steps to learning. One-on-one doubt clearing sessions and support to the weaker students are key features of our training programme. Rydberg ensures an overall development of the young students through paper writers various Workshops and Projects, motivational classes, aptitude tests and professional career guidance, conducted from time to time.