CBSE Classroom Program for students of Class VIII, IX and X is one of the major sources of the future Toppers of Rydberg. Rydberg’s CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) department religiously follows the scholastic domains identified by CBSE in their official website and define the institution qualitatively.

We provide Classroom Programme, Mock Test Programme and Capsule programme for our CBSE students

The Classroom and Test Programme is designed meticulously to build the foundation of the students and prepare them to achieve ultimate success in CBSE Board Examination.

Our expertise lies in transforming average students to excellent performers and good students to Toppers.

Rydberg’s pragmatic approach is an ideal model to focus on conceptual understanding of the CBSE curriculum for class VIII, IX & X students.

We provide warm, caring, stimulating and challenging environment in which the students learn and develop to nurture their dreams of getting top ranks in their Board examination.